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Mustard Seed Interactive builds, manages and brokers Conservative digital audiences for direct marketing. We aren’t the only company that does this work, but we do it differently. How?

We are always innovating. That means better data, better reporting to our clients, and innovative products.

We crave opportunities. We are your advertising partner- not just the sales guy at the other end of the phone. We are constantly looking for opportunities to format our products to fit your needs- and we’ll creatively partner with you to meet your goals.

We value trusted relationships. Most importantly, we believe that good customer service, honesty, and transparency leads to long-term customer relationships. We want you to see us as long-term partners. Not someone who you undertake a quick transaction with.

Mustard Seed Interactive works with a variety of clients, from national political organizations to financial interests to small non-profits. We’d like to partner with you too.

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